Monday, October 15, 2012

Learning Spaces Web Resources from Larry MacPhee

Furniture companies underwrite some of the research on student learning impacts of learning spaces and their furnishings. See, for example, the
National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities resource list
or the Steelcase Education Solutions links from that site.

The links below are excerpted from Learning Spaces: A Tutorial, by Larry MacPhee on EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 2009.

Diana Oblinger's eBook on Learning Spaces

A good checklist on learning space design from Denison University

Learning Space Design Theory and Practice, by Malcolm Brown, Dartmouth College

Learning Spaces: More than Meets the Eye, by Malcolm Brown and Joan Lippincott

Reinventing Learning Spaces, by Francis Hunkins

New Learning Spaces: Smart Learners Not Smart Classrooms, by Howard Strauss

Evaluating, Planning and Supporting Learning Spaces, by the TLT Group

Designing Spaces for Effective
Learning, by JISC

Planning and Designing Technology-Rich Learning Spaces, by JISC

A great photo set of Informal Learning Spaces, by JISC

A great photo set of Formal Teaching Areas, by JISC

Learning Spaces Case Studies, by Bill Mitchell, MIT

Future of the Learning Space; Breaking out of the Box, by Phil Long and Steve Ehrmann

Flickr photo gallery on Learning Space Design

A collection of Learning Spaces Resources of Interest from Waterloo University

Designing Flexible Learning Spaces-Northumbria University case studies

Spaces, Places, and Future Learning, by Jessica Pykett and Tash Lee, FutureLab

Importance of Informal Spaces for Learning, Collaboration and Socialization, by Jarret Cummings

Learning Spaces: Collaborations and Opportunities, by Joan Lippincott

Learning Spaces and Technology Workshop, Rhodes College

Designing Learning Spaces that Promote Engagement, Estrella Mountain Community College

Additional photos and comments are available on at

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